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File: example-xbel.xml

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File: example-xbel.xml
Role: ???
Content type: text/plain
Description: sample bookmark file
Class: expatXBEL
A simple expat based XBEL-file parser
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Date: 21 years ago
Size: 34,863 bytes


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<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE xbel PUBLIC "+//IDN XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.0//EN//XML" ""> <xbel id="maintable"> <info> <metadata owner="bassie" /> </info> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>BIOS and Drivers</title> <desc>All topics about BIOS</desc> <bookmark href="" visited="10-10-2000 2:41:28"> <title>3Com Software Library - Network Interface Cards</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-7-2001 1:53:14"> <title>A7V Troubleshooting</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="9-10-2000 18:12:17"> <title>All Bios World - ABIT, ASUS, ATREND, EPOX, SOYO, GIGABYTE, SOLTEK, TYAN Bios &amp; Board Manuals</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="22-5-2001 2:46:55"> <title>ASUS Deutschland GmbH</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Buy Sell Trade</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 17:19:26"> <title>100+ web sites for the appraiser</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Culture</title> <desc> </desc> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Entertainment</title> <desc> </desc> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Gamers</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="5-6-2001 13:40:18"> <title>CLEAR - the Campaign to Leave Emulation Alone (plus an R)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>PC Gamer</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <folder> <title>Abondenware</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="22-10-2000 19:57:22"> <title>-.the ultimate oldgames linkpage.-</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 3:12:06"> <title>DOS Games Archive download free MS-DOS games</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 2:46:29"> <title>Free games Over 200 DOS games. Shareware and freeware, downloads, reviews, links, and more!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-2-2000 22:52:13"> <title>games</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="27-12-2001 2:53:04"> <title>Retro64, Freeware and Shareware Games</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="21-5-2000 11:11:57"> <title>Welcome to</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Consoles</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Avault (Games)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>GameCenter</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Happypuppy Games</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Docs and Manuals</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="19-9-1999 14:36:40"> <title>GameFAQs</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="27-12-2001 4:57:16"> <title></title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="8-10-1999 0:32:18"> <title> http$$$$fatbit$720$index.htm</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Online</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Playsite</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 14:03:26"> <title>ROBOBOMBO GAME WINDOW</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Sims</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="3-6-2000 12:40:49"> <title>Chocobogo's RollerCoaster Tycoon Pages, Info, Saves, Downloads, Tracks, screenshots, RollerCoasters, Chris Sawyer</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-9-2000 0:34:49"> <title>SimCity 3000 Resource Center - Welcome!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>General Chat</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:52:35"> <title>.NET Messenger Service -- Free Instant Messaging service</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:54:30"> <title>AOL Instant Messenger (TM)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:55:28"> <title>Internet Explorer Home Page</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:55:49"> <title>Opera Software - the Best Internet Experience</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:58:07"> <title>Upgrade to Netscape 6.2</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 15:53:38"> <title>Yahoo! Messenger</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Jokes and Humor</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="29-12-2001 0:40:44"> <title>Famous Quotes and Famous Sayings Top Sites. Top Rated Quotations collections</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Mutimedia</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="5-6-2001 21:05:17"> <title>Media Builder Image Libraries and On-line Tools</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <folder> <title>Animation</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="7-3-2001 4:24:39"> <title>Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource - Online resource for Macromedia Flash Tutorials SWF FLA images clip art Sounds WAVS Anim</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-3-2001 4:25:28"> <title>Macromedia</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Fonts</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 17:01:52"> <title>Download Free Fonts @ Free PC Fonts</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 15:57:18"> <title>Font Freak - Free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC and Mac</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="21-12-2001 1:01:16"> <title>Font managers</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 16:46:48"> <title>Fonts by Dennis Palumbo, A1, Links to Font Related Web Sites</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="12-12-2001 3:31:36"> <title>FREE CHANK FONTS!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 16:59:20"> <title>Free Fonts @ Freeware fonts</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 17:03:16"> <title>PCFonts.Com</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 16:29:57"> <title>the Dingbat pages</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Music</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="12-12-2001 3:53:35"> <title>AudioMelody - Reviewing FREE audio software, music tools, programs, drum machines, audio, editors, players, file sharing, vst,</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="9-12-2001 13:54:17"> <title>Windows 95-98-2000-NT Music Software FORMAT CONVERTERS [Shareware Music Machine]</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Pics</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 21:01:39"> <title>For Free Pictures the Number One Choice is FreeFoto.Com</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 20:53:41"> <title>funny pictures gallery hundreds of funny pictures, dirty cartoons and animated gifs</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="13-7-2001 0:46:53"> <title>IconBAZAAR - Molecules - WWW Resources on Molecular Modeling</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="5-6-2001 20:50:44"> <title>IconBAZAAR</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 20:58:36"> <title>Insane Pictures - funny pictures, photos, comics, cartoons and jokes!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="14-12-2001 23:44:44"> <title>MUSIC GRAPHICS GALORE - Free, music-related graphics, images, icons, clipart and backgrounds.</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Net and Security</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="22-4-2001 12:46:47"> <title></title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:09:48"> <title>Security Information Portal</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <folder> <title>Broadband</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="25-4-2001 18:09:32"> <title>DSL - - the place for BROADBAND</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Firewalls</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="8-12-2001 16:07:55"> <title> - Guide to install &amp; configure a PC Mac or Linux Firewall</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:20:14"> <title>Hack Yourself Remote Computer Network Security Scan</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="20-4-2001 19:56:37"> <title>Nessus</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-12-2001 21:39:25"> <title>The Unofficial Sygate Firewall Website</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-12-2001 21:38:39"> <title></title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Proxyservers</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="8-3-2000 22:16:30"> <title>AutoNet, the free ISDN router - modem router</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="20-4-2001 18:34:44"> <title>Jana Server a free Proxy Server - Http Server and Email Server</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:35:39"> <title>Proxy Servers - ServerWatch Proxy Servers</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-11-2000 5:54:55"> <title>Proxy+</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Security sites</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:14:38"> <title>Hacking and Hackers - Computer Security Programs Downloading Search Engines Portal News</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-6-2001 18:48:14"> <title>IWS - The Information Warfare Site</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-12-2000 6:39:54"> <title>NEWORDER</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="23-12-2001 5:07:16"> <title>Qenesis Solaris Training</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="6-6-2001 18:09:16"> <title>SafeWeb Startpage</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="4-7-2001 10:25:16"> <title> Truth About Computer Virus Myths &amp; Hoaxes</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>spam</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="29-12-2001 14:27:53"> <title>Mail Abuse Prevention System LLC</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="29-12-2001 16:34:16"> <title>MAPS TSI Anti-Relay How Can I Fix the Problem</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Tracing Services</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="21-4-2001 13:26:41"> <title>All Nettools</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="5-12-2001 13:22:50"> <title>AnalogX - News</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="12-7-2001 22:37:53"> <title></title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-11-2001 17:42:02"> <title>Traceroute List by States. Backbone Maps List.</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Workings</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="20-5-2001 23:35:04"> <title>ARPANET Maps</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="20-5-2001 23:06:54"> <title>ATM CHECKLIST</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="31-5-2001 22:48:26"> <title>Cisco Connection Documentation</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="21-5-2001 17:03:37"> <title></title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="22-5-2001 20:39:23"> <title>IETF Home Page</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:38:03"> <title>Internet The Big Picture (by Russ Haynal)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="20-5-2001 23:37:06"> <title>ISPworld Main Page</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="23-12-2001 13:58:46"> <title>Libnet - Packet Assembly System</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="22-4-2001 16:47:44"> <title>Raj Jain - Professor of Computer and Information Science</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="30-5-2001 1:08:01"> <title>Research Domain Name System</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:43:11"> <title>Russ Haynal's ISP Page</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 23:49:55"> <title>The CAIDA Web Site - CAIDA HOME</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Software</title> <desc> </desc> <folder> <title>Download</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="21-11-2001 20:34:56"> <title>MP3 Converter Software</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="21-4-2001 13:43:09"> <title>NET Worldwide Network Enterprise Technologies</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-3-2001 21:11:01"> <title> for shareware, freeware, freebies, games, top websites and more</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-3-2001 6:06:43"> <title>TUCOWS - software, music, themes and games download sites</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>emulators</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 16:33:12"> <title>Computer History and Emulation Homepage</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 16:17:43"> <title>Emulators of Historical Systems</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 15:51:15"> <title>Emulators Online - Run Mac OS on Windows!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 16:14:32"> <title> - Join the Revolution...</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Freeware</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 3:18:40"> <title>Completely FREE Software - Windows &amp; DOS Freeware</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 3:15:33"> <title>MOE-DOS - Really great free DOS 4U!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="28-12-2001 2:26:04"> <title>The FreeDOS Project Welcome!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="11-12-2001 6:09:42"> <title>Wayne Hall's WazWare Homepage</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Sports</title> <desc> </desc> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Wellness</title> <desc> </desc> </folder> <seperator> </seperator> <folder> <title>Wisdom</title> <desc> </desc> <folder> <title>Archives</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="19-4-2001 1:45:35"> <title>MARC Mailing list ARChives at AIMS</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>News</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="22-12-2001 2:26:29"> <title>Headline Viewer Home Page</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-6-2001 14:36:07"> <title>Intelligence Brief information and intelligence from the internet.</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="21-7-2001 1:52:51"> <title>Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Searching</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="26-7-2000 4:12:22"> <title>!! AllSearchEngines !!</title> <desc>De meeste zoekmachines van het net.</desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-11-2001 0:18:26"> <title>ftp search engines</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="5-6-2001 13:58:13"> <title>ODP - Open Directory Project</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="12-10-2000 19:58:05"> <title>Search Engine Watch$ Tips About Internet Search Engines &amp; Search Engine Submission</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-12-1999 15:34:14"> <title>W3 Search Engines</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <folder> <title>Directories</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:32:11"> <title>AnyWho Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numbers, Maps and Directions</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>BigBook</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Dogpile</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>InfoSpace</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>SwitchBoard</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>UK Yellow Pages</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>What Is$</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>WhoWhere</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Normal</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="7-9-2000 1:47:26"> <title>AltaVista</title> <desc>De beste zoekmachine van het net.</desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:41:23"> <title>Ask Jeeves -</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Beaucoup!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Excite</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-6-2001 20:31:44"> <title>Google</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href=";bfsiteid=19273588&amp;bfpage=searchbox8" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>GoTo!</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Highway 61 (meta search)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>HotBot</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Infoseek</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href=";h1" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>LookSmart</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Lycos</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Magellan</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>MetaCrawler</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Northern Light</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Yahoo</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> <folder> <title>Special</title> <desc> </desc> <bookmark href="" visited="21-9-2000 12:23:43"> <title>A collection of (mainly) special search engines</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:41:53"> <title>ASTALAVISTA.BOX.SK</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Deja (Usenet archives)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Email address lookup</title> <desc>Gives you e-mail addresses.</desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Extreme</title> <desc>hey have 56 search engines they contact and give you their suggestions both in form of answers and links</desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="7-12-2000 6:34:38"> <title>index.htm$ Fravia's web-searching lore (&#175;`&#183;.&#184;(&#175;`&#183;.&#184; Main entrance &#184;.&#183;&#180;&#175;)&#184;.&#183;&#180;&#175;)</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Internet 800 Directory</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="18-12-1999 15:19:26"> <title>MESA</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="5-7-2000 21:16:29"> <title> - Home</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:28:40"> <title>Virtual Internet Search Engines - 1,000 Specialized Search Engines</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="22-2-2000 16:16:40"> <title>Welcome to SurfWax(TM) VORT Corporation &#169; 1998-2000</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="10-12-2001 16:44:01"> <title>Welcome To WarezCrawler</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> <bookmark href="" visited="1-1-1990 9:00:00"> <title>Yahoo! People Search</title> <desc> </desc> </bookmark> </folder> </folder> </folder> </xbel>