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File: docs/js/syntax-highlighter/scripts/shBrushColdFusion.js

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File: docs/js/syntax-highlighter/scripts/shBrushColdFusion.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Eliasis PHP Framework
MVC framework supporting WordPress integration
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Date: 5 years ago
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/** * SyntaxHighlighter * * * SyntaxHighlighter is donationware. If you are using it, please donate. * * * @version * 3.0.83 (July 02 2010) * * @copyright * Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Alex Gorbatchev. * * @license * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses. */ ;(function() { // CommonJS typeof(require) != 'undefined' ? SyntaxHighlighter = require('shCore').SyntaxHighlighter : null; function Brush() { // Contributed by Jen // var funcs = 'Abs ACos AddSOAPRequestHeader AddSOAPResponseHeader AjaxLink AjaxOnLoad ArrayAppend ArrayAvg ArrayClear ArrayDeleteAt ' + 'ArrayInsertAt ArrayIsDefined ArrayIsEmpty ArrayLen ArrayMax ArrayMin ArraySet ArraySort ArraySum ArraySwap ArrayToList ' + 'Asc ASin Atn BinaryDecode BinaryEncode BitAnd BitMaskClear BitMaskRead BitMaskSet BitNot BitOr BitSHLN BitSHRN BitXor ' + 'Ceiling CharsetDecode CharsetEncode Chr CJustify Compare CompareNoCase Cos CreateDate CreateDateTime CreateObject ' + 'CreateODBCDate CreateODBCDateTime CreateODBCTime CreateTime CreateTimeSpan CreateUUID DateAdd DateCompare DateConvert ' + 'DateDiff DateFormat DatePart Day DayOfWeek DayOfWeekAsString DayOfYear DaysInMonth DaysInYear DE DecimalFormat DecrementValue ' + 'Decrypt DecryptBinary DeleteClientVariable DeserializeJSON DirectoryExists DollarFormat DotNetToCFType Duplicate Encrypt ' + 'EncryptBinary Evaluate Exp ExpandPath FileClose FileCopy FileDelete FileExists FileIsEOF FileMove FileOpen FileRead ' + 'FileReadBinary FileReadLine FileSetAccessMode FileSetAttribute FileSetLastModified FileWrite Find FindNoCase FindOneOf ' + 'FirstDayOfMonth Fix FormatBaseN GenerateSecretKey GetAuthUser GetBaseTagData GetBaseTagList GetBaseTemplatePath ' + 'GetClientVariablesList GetComponentMetaData GetContextRoot GetCurrentTemplatePath GetDirectoryFromPath GetEncoding ' + 'GetException GetFileFromPath GetFileInfo GetFunctionList GetGatewayHelper GetHttpRequestData GetHttpTimeString ' + 'GetK2ServerDocCount GetK2ServerDocCountLimit GetLocale GetLocaleDisplayName GetLocalHostIP GetMetaData GetMetricData ' + 'GetPageContext GetPrinterInfo GetProfileSections GetProfileString GetReadableImageFormats GetSOAPRequest GetSOAPRequestHeader ' + 'GetSOAPResponse GetSOAPResponseHeader GetTempDirectory GetTempFile GetTemplatePath GetTickCount GetTimeZoneInfo GetToken ' + 'GetUserRoles GetWriteableImageFormats Hash Hour HTMLCodeFormat HTMLEditFormat IIf ImageAddBorder ImageBlur ImageClearRect ' + 'ImageCopy ImageCrop ImageDrawArc ImageDrawBeveledRect ImageDrawCubicCurve ImageDrawLine ImageDrawLines ImageDrawOval ' + 'ImageDrawPoint ImageDrawQuadraticCurve ImageDrawRect ImageDrawRoundRect ImageDrawText ImageFlip ImageGetBlob ImageGetBufferedImage ' + 'ImageGetEXIFTag ImageGetHeight ImageGetIPTCTag ImageGetWidth ImageGrayscale ImageInfo ImageNegative ImageNew ImageOverlay ImagePaste ' + 'ImageRead ImageReadBase64 ImageResize ImageRotate ImageRotateDrawingAxis ImageScaleToFit ImageSetAntialiasing ImageSetBackgroundColor ' + 'ImageSetDrawingColor ImageSetDrawingStroke ImageSetDrawingTransparency ImageSharpen ImageShear ImageShearDrawingAxis ImageTranslate ' + 'ImageTranslateDrawingAxis ImageWrite ImageWriteBase64 ImageXORDrawingMode IncrementValue InputBaseN Insert Int IsArray IsBinary ' + 'IsBoolean IsCustomFunction IsDate IsDDX IsDebugMode IsDefined IsImage IsImageFile IsInstanceOf IsJSON IsLeapYear IsLocalHost ' + 'IsNumeric IsNumericDate IsObject IsPDFFile IsPDFObject IsQuery IsSimpleValue IsSOAPRequest IsStruct IsUserInAnyRole IsUserInRole ' + 'IsUserLoggedIn IsValid IsWDDX IsXML IsXmlAttribute IsXmlDoc IsXmlElem IsXmlNode IsXmlRoot JavaCast JSStringFormat LCase Left Len ' + 'ListAppend ListChangeDelims ListContains ListContainsNoCase ListDeleteAt ListFind ListFindNoCase ListFirst ListGetAt ListInsertAt ' + 'ListLast ListLen ListPrepend ListQualify ListRest ListSetAt ListSort ListToArray ListValueCount ListValueCountNoCase LJustify Log ' + 'Log10 LSCurrencyFormat LSDateFormat LSEuroCurrencyFormat LSIsCurrency LSIsDate LSIsNumeric LSNumberFormat LSParseCurrency LSParseDateTime ' + 'LSParseEuroCurrency LSParseNumber LSTimeFormat LTrim Max Mid Min Minute Month MonthAsString Now NumberFormat ParagraphFormat ParseDateTime ' + 'Pi PrecisionEvaluate PreserveSingleQuotes Quarter QueryAddColumn QueryAddRow QueryConvertForGrid QueryNew QuerySetCell QuotedValueList Rand ' + 'Randomize RandRange REFind REFindNoCase ReleaseComObject REMatch REMatchNoCase RemoveChars RepeatString Replace ReplaceList ReplaceNoCase ' + 'REReplace REReplaceNoCase Reverse Right RJustify Round RTrim Second SendGatewayMessage SerializeJSON SetEncoding SetLocale SetProfileString ' + 'SetVariable Sgn Sin Sleep SpanExcluding SpanIncluding Sqr StripCR StructAppend StructClear StructCopy StructCount StructDelete StructFind ' + 'StructFindKey StructFindValue StructGet StructInsert StructIsEmpty StructKeyArray StructKeyExists StructKeyList StructKeyList StructNew ' + 'StructSort StructUpdate Tan TimeFormat ToBase64 ToBinary ToScript ToString Trim UCase URLDecode URLEncodedFormat URLSessionFormat Val ' + 'ValueList VerifyClient Week Wrap Wrap WriteOutput XmlChildPos XmlElemNew XmlFormat XmlGetNodeType XmlNew XmlParse XmlSearch XmlTransform ' + 'XmlValidate Year YesNoFormat'; var keywords = 'cfabort cfajaximport cfajaxproxy cfapplet cfapplication cfargument cfassociate cfbreak cfcache cfcalendar ' + 'cfcase cfcatch cfchart cfchartdata cfchartseries cfcol cfcollection cfcomponent cfcontent cfcookie cfdbinfo ' + 'cfdefaultcase cfdirectory cfdiv cfdocument cfdocumentitem cfdocumentsection cfdump cfelse cfelseif cferror ' + 'cfexchangecalendar cfexchangeconnection cfexchangecontact cfexchangefilter cfexchangemail cfexchangetask ' + 'cfexecute cfexit cffeed cffile cfflush cfform cfformgroup cfformitem cfftp cffunction cfgrid cfgridcolumn ' + 'cfgridrow cfgridupdate cfheader cfhtmlhead cfhttp cfhttpparam cfif cfimage cfimport cfinclude cfindex ' + 'cfinput cfinsert cfinterface cfinvoke cfinvokeargument cflayout cflayoutarea cfldap cflocation cflock cflog ' + 'cflogin cfloginuser cflogout cfloop cfmail cfmailparam cfmailpart cfmenu cfmenuitem cfmodule cfNTauthenticate ' + 'cfobject cfobjectcache cfoutput cfparam cfpdf cfpdfform cfpdfformparam cfpdfparam cfpdfsubform cfpod cfpop ' + 'cfpresentation cfpresentationslide cfpresenter cfprint cfprocessingdirective cfprocparam cfprocresult ' + 'cfproperty cfquery cfqueryparam cfregistry cfreport cfreportparam cfrethrow cfreturn cfsavecontent cfschedule ' + 'cfscript cfsearch cfselect cfset cfsetting cfsilent cfslider cfsprydataset cfstoredproc cfswitch cftable ' + 'cftextarea cfthread cfthrow cftimer cftooltip cftrace cftransaction cftree cftreeitem cftry cfupdate cfwddx ' + 'cfwindow cfxml cfzip cfzipparam'; var operators = 'all and any between cross in join like not null or outer some'; this.regexList = [ { regex: new RegExp('--(.*)$', 'gm'), css: 'comments' }, // one line and multiline comments { regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.xmlComments, css: 'comments' }, // single quoted strings { regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.doubleQuotedString, css: 'string' }, // double quoted strings { regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.singleQuotedString, css: 'string' }, // single quoted strings { regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(funcs), 'gmi'), css: 'functions' }, // functions { regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(operators), 'gmi'), css: 'color1' }, // operators and such { regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(keywords), 'gmi'), css: 'keyword' } // keyword ]; } Brush.prototype = new SyntaxHighlighter.Highlighter(); Brush.aliases = ['coldfusion','cf']; SyntaxHighlighter.brushes.ColdFusion = Brush; // CommonJS typeof(exports) != 'undefined' ? exports.Brush = Brush : null; })();