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A.	definition
AMS	definition
BOD	Biochemical Oxygen Demand
CAF	Canadian Armed Forces
CCE	Commissioner of Canada Elections
CEE	complete three evaluations
CEE	Chief Evaluation Executive
CEO	Chief Executive Of
CEO	Canada Chief Executive Officer
CEO	chievement of
CEO	definition
CEO	commendations
CEO	Canada?s Evaluation
CEO	Chief Executive Offic
CEO	Canada Evaluation
CF	Canadian Forces
CFPM	Canadian Forces Provost Marshal
CFU	definition
CHRBP	Common Human Resource Business Plan
CNPA	Community Plan
CNPA	Current Park
CNPA	definition
CRV	definition
DComd	Deputy Commander
DEP	definition
DEP	da?s Evaluation Plan
DEP	Dates Start Expected
DFO	definition
DND	Department of National Defence
DPR	Departmental Performance Report
DPR	der the program
DPR	definition
DRF	Departmental Results Framework
ECCC	definition
EN-CA	definition
EN-GB	definition
FAA	Financial Administration Act
FAA	definition
FCI	definition
FCSAP	Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan
FCSAP	definition
FHBRO	Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office
FHBRO	definition
FR-CA	definition
FTE	Full-time Equivalent
FTE	definition
FUS	Field Unit Superintendents
FUS	definition
FY	Fiscal year
FY	definition
G&C	General Class
G&C	gnCenter
GCCP	General Class Contribution Program
GCCP	definition
GL	gency is likely
GOC	gram objectives
GOC	Government of Canada
GOC	definition
Gp	Group
ISBN	definition
ISSN	definition
In DEP	definition
LLYK	definition
MES	Municipal Equivalency Subsidy
MP	Military Police
MPCC	Military Police Complaints Commission
MRT	mprovements. The
MRT	Milestone Reporting Tool
MRT	definition
MRT	ments to rehabilitate
NDA	National Defence Act
NGO	definition
NH	definition
NHS	definition
NMCA	definition
NNNEI	ncluding that of no net negative environmental impact
NNNEI	definition
NNNEI	no net negative environmental impact
NNNEI	ng NNNEI.[15] In
NNNEI	no net negative environmental impact?
NP	nding Heritage Places
NP	nering and Participation
NP	nizations or provinces
NP	definition
NP	national parks,
NP	ncorporated,
NP	nicipalities
NP	nicipalities but Parks
NP	nagement Infrastructure Projects,
NP	nsite Year-Round Population
NP	nd Use Province
NP	National Park
NP	nce National Park
NP	nagement Plan,
NP	nagement Plan
NP	nity Plan,
NP	nff Community Plan,
NP	nformation Progra
NP	nTop
NP	nTopCenter
NP	nal parks.
NP	naged by Parks
NP	nicipalities.
NUP	definition
O&M	definition
O&M	om
O&M	ownsites Management
O&M	ompletion
O&M	ompares
O&M	operating and maintenance
O&M	or Municipal
O&M	ottomRight
OGIP	Open Government Implementation  Plan
OIAE	Office of Internal Audit and Evaluation
OIAE	or information, etc.).
ON	Ontario
PA	performance
PA	pectation
PA	pectations
PA	primarily
PA	potable
PA	provide access
PA	PCA-administered
PA	pgrounds, and
PAA	programs or aspects
PAA	Program Alignment Architecture
PAA	programs and
PAA	programs (See Appendix A
PAA	Program Alignment Architecture,
PAA	penditure by the Agency; on average,
PAA	definition
PAA	pal services and
PAA	program as
PAA	planning and
PCA	definition
PCA	pecies at
PCA	pected to clarify
PCA	Places in Canada
PCA	porary and cultural
PCA	Parks Canada, as
PCA	pectives were collected through a
PCA	policies and
PCA	program is clearly aligned
PCA	pectation
PCA	palities in Canada.
PCA	Parks Canada
PCA	Park of Canada
PCA	pection of all
PCA	portion of capital
PCA	pectations
PCA	proving the corporate
PCA	perations and challenges. 4.2.7. Alternatives
PCA	provincial
PCA	Parks Cottage
PCA	Places in Canada.
PCA	pality closely co-located.
PCA	ption class
PCA	perations and challenges.
PDF	definition
PI	ponsibilities.
PI	ports its
PI	ponsibilities
PI	Program Inventory
PI	programs, i.e.:
PMEC	definition
PMEC	Performance Measurement and Evaluation Committee
PMF	definition
PMF	Performance Management Framework
PMF	performance expectation for
PMF	PCA Performance Management Frameworks,
PPSC	Public Prosecution
PPSC	definition
PPSC	ponsible for prosecuting
PPSC	provides prosecution-related
PS	Professional Standards
RPP	Report on Plans and Priorities
RPP	definition
S.	definition
SOCR	State of Community Reports
SOCR	State of Community Report
TB	Treasury Board
TB	the Treasury Board
TB	definition
TB	thin 5 business
TB	ted b
TB	ts to be
TB	tribution
TB	tities identified based
TB	tember 2020
TB	ths Required but
TB	tments include but
TB	tgreyBG
TBD	definition
TBD	tbody
TBS	definition
TCT	tions of cross-government
TCT	definition
TCT	TopCenter
TEB	Townsite Executive Board
TEB	definition
TR	tml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd
TR	ttp://
VP	definition
VP	ve Director, Pacific
WCC	Waskesiu Community Council
WCC	definition
WSER	Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations
WSER	wastewater
WSER	definition
i.e.	ignment
i.e.	itecture) with a
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