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File: class.ftp.php
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Class: PHP_FTP
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<?php /* PHP_FTP Version 0.5 Ryan Flynn (ryan@ryanflynn || DALnet->#php->pizza_milkshake) Tuesday, June 26 2001 Alot of people have asked for VERY simple FTP functionality with PHP, so here it is. This class was designed with very simplistic transfers in mind. You simple create the class, get/send a file and then 'kill()' the object. It's that simple. I you find it useful. Example: //Get a file require("class.ftp.php"); $f=new PHP_FTP('', 'username', 'password'); $f->get('html/test.txt', 'c:/php/ftp/blah.txt'); //yes, tested on Windows $f->kill(); //Send a file require("class.ftp.php"); $f=new PHP_FTP('', 'username', 'password'); $f->send('c:/php/ftp/blah.txt', 'html/test.txt'); //yes, tested on Windows $f->kill(); //how to test for completion if(!$f->send('c:/php/ftp/blah.txt', 'html/test.txt')){ echo "File sent successfully!"; }else{ echo "Error sending file."; } Notes: Remember to have all permissions set to their appropriate settings before using this class */ class PHP_FTP{ var $server=''; var $username=''; var $password=''; var $port=21; //var $local_dir=''; var $remote_dir=''; function PHP_FTP($server, $username='anonymous', $password='', $port=21){ $this->server=$server; $this->username=$username; $this->password=$password; $this->port=$port; } //exterior function send($filename='', $save_as='', $passive=TRUE){ $conn=$this->return_connection() or die; @ftp_pasv($conn, $passive); $this->set_remote_dir(ftp_pwd($conn)); if(!ftp_put($conn, $save_as, $filename, FTP_BINARY)){ @ftp_quit($this->conn); return false; }else{ @ftp_quit($this->conn); return true; } return true; } function get($filename='', $save_as='', $passive=TRUE){ $conn=$this->return_connection() or die; @ftp_pasv($conn, $passive); $this->set_remote_dir(ftp_pwd($conn)); if(!ftp_get($conn, $save_as, $this->remote_dir.$filename, FTP_BINARY)){ @ftp_quit($this->conn); return false; }else{ @ftp_quit($this->conn); return true; } } function kill(){ if($this->conn) $this->disconnect(); unset($this); } //interior function return_connection(){ $conn_id = @ftp_connect($this->server, $this->port) or die("Could not connect to FTP"); $login_result = @ftp_login($conn_id, $this->username, $this->password) or die("Could not login to FTP"); return $conn_id; } function set_remote_dir($dir){ $x = substr($dir, (strlen($dir)-1)); if($x != "/" && $x != "\\") $dir.="/"; $this->remote_dir=$dir; } } ?>