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File: resources/lang/en/validation.php

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File: resources/lang/en/validation.php
Role: Configuration script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Configuration script
Class: Lumen Starter Pack
Implement a OAuth 2 based REST API server
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Date: 6 years ago
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return [

    | Validation Language Lines
    | The following language lines contain the default error messages used by
    | the validator class. Some of these rules have multiple versions such
    | as the size rules. Feel free to tweak each of these messages here.

"accepted" => "The :attribute must be accepted.",
"active_url" => "The :attribute is not a valid URL.",
"after" => "The :attribute must be a date after :date.",
"alpha" => "The :attribute may only contain letters.",
"alpha_dash" => "The :attribute may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.",
"alpha_num" => "The :attribute may only contain letters and numbers.",
"array" => "The :attribute must be an array.",
"before" => "The :attribute must be a date before :date.",
"between" => [
"numeric" => "The :attribute must be between :min and :max.",
"file" => "The :attribute must be between :min and :max kilobytes.",
"string" => "The :attribute must be between :min and :max characters.",
"array" => "The :attribute must have between :min and :max items.",
"boolean" => "The :attribute field must be true or false.",
"confirmed" => "The :attribute confirmation does not match.",
"date" => "The :attribute is not a valid date.",
"date_format" => "The :attribute does not match the format :format.",
"different" => "The :attribute and :other must be different.",
"digits" => "The :attribute must be :digits digits.",
"digits_between" => "The :attribute must be between :min and :max digits.",
"email" => "The :attribute must be a valid email address.",
"filled" => "The :attribute field is required.",
"exists" => "The selected :attribute is invalid.",
"image" => "The :attribute must be an image.",
"in" => "The selected :attribute is invalid.",
"integer" => "The :attribute must be an integer.",
"ip" => "The :attribute must be a valid IP address.",
"max" => [
"numeric" => "The :attribute may not be greater than :max.",
"file" => "The :attribute may not be greater than :max kilobytes.",
"string" => "The :attribute may not be greater than :max characters.",
"array" => "The :attribute may not have more than :max items.",
"mimes" => "The :attribute must be a file of type: :values.",
"min" => [
"numeric" => "The :attribute must be at least :min.",
"file" => "The :attribute must be at least :min kilobytes.",
"string" => "The :attribute must be at least :min characters.",
"array" => "The :attribute must have at least :min items.",
"not_in" => "The selected :attribute is invalid.",
"numeric" => "The :attribute must be a number.",
"regex" => "The :attribute format is invalid.",
"required" => "The :attribute field is required.",
"required_if" => "The :attribute field is required when :other is :value.",
"required_with" => "The :attribute field is required when :values is present.",
"required_with_all" => "The :attribute field is required when :values is present.",
"required_without" => "The :attribute field is required when :values is not present.",
"required_without_all" => "The :attribute field is required when none of :values are present.",
"same" => "The :attribute and :other must match.",
"size" => [
"numeric" => "The :attribute must be :size.",
"file" => "The :attribute must be :size kilobytes.",
"string" => "The :attribute must be :size characters.",
"array" => "The :attribute must contain :size items.",
"unique" => "The :attribute has already been taken.",
"url" => "The :attribute format is invalid.",
"timezone" => "The :attribute must be a valid zone.",

    | Custom Validation Language Lines
    | Here you may specify custom validation messages for attributes using the
    | convention "attribute.rule" to name the lines. This makes it quick to
    | specify a specific custom language line for a given attribute rule.

'custom' => [
'attribute-name' => [
'rule-name' => 'custom-message',

    | Custom Validation Attributes
    | The following language lines are used to swap attribute place-holders
    | with something more reader friendly such as E-Mail Address instead
    | of "email". This simply helps us make messages a little cleaner.

'attributes' => [],