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Subject:small project
Summary:user registration and profile management
Author:j gold
Date:2012-07-26 09:41:33

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Picture of j gold j gold - 2012-07-26 09:41:33
Can you help with this project? 100.00 is the compensation for development, cotact via skype, my userid is:silverbuyer

I need Registration and profile system with admin backend, I need the exact requirements for registration as UserCake, but with updated code, their code is outdated (, I neeed addition of fields called profile_filled, user_status (banned,suspended,activated) description of "profile_filled" below:

Registration system needs modification of lost password feature, when the user clicks on last password the system will sendtoken to email address of the user and then upon user clicking on token link in the email sent to him the token will be validated and if valid will direct user to security questions, if security question answers are vlaid then they will be directed to change password, presently usercake sends token and upon clicking on token sends password to user email.

profile_filled description:
There should be a user field added to the registration system called profile_filled with null for default or profile_countryX which is the country the profile is filled in for, when the user logs on the db will be checked to see if profile_filled value is null, if so will be directed to profile home page that asks them what country they are residing in from ex: Canada,United States,Europe, see example here( ) user selects ex: Canada, the user will be redirected to profile_canada form, the user will fill out the profile form, the username that the user logged on with, will be captured in a session variable and when the form is submitted the username and form information will be inserted into the profile_canada table,in the second scenerio, if the user logs on and the profile_filled is ex: "profile_countryX" then you will get the form details from 1) checking in the profile_filled to see in what table the users form details are in,if for ex: the user profile_filled is listed as profile_canada, then you will go to the profile_canada table and retrieve the form details for that user. The user will be able to edit what we authorize, the previous answers will always be recorded in the db so we can access them for fraud control.

Remove registration entries in the user_registration_canada.php form , username password and email, security questions it is part of the registration system ex:(usercake).

I want the vertical style wizard form should be split up into
3 parts, Personal Details, Address Informations and Banking
You have to convert js only validation to js/php server validation, the js that needs to be converted is in
the source (at the bottom of the page) of :

Here is an example of how multiple part form submission can be done ...
The data for each form is stored in $_SESSION and for read/write access to this data you make a custom php class specially to do so.

Credit card validation

Try to enter cc number 5113402042929944 it is valid
we do not need to validate if true only if false
this is just example of how code can be modified (refer to the link below)
I need all those credit card types listed,amex,visa, etc... ...

SIN Canadian Social Insurance number validation in link below, that needs to be converted for form

The iban entry belongs to the european profile form, which is not built yet, make a temporary field in banking called iban
and add the validation, we will remove it and add it the european profile form when I am finsihed it. the js is on the web page for download

make previous answers fields for all fields, going back 3 previous answers and answers before that should be in

Auto tabbing for phone, sin, cc, iban birth date and other

Autocomplete for address using google maps, to make sure user enters proper format as in example below ...

Admin Panel for Registered Users and User Profile
add/edit/search/activate/suspend/BAN/delete registered users and add/edit/search/delete user profile
admin panel you must add feature to be able to add user profile, the admin can fill out user profile for walk-in clients,
activate their account, send token via email so they can logon and choose password, set phone password
put in the admin panel a selection of what fields we authorise the users to edit


We need to encrypt the credit card, sin, drivers license, iban, accout number in the browser using PKI scheme\

Code for if user is using proxy, get IP address of user behind the proxy server needs to be added
if anon ip address behind proxy, throw off, user can not register.

<<< function GetUserIP() {

if (isset($_SERVER)) {


if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_CLIENT_IP"]))


if (getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'))
return getenv('HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR');

if (getenv('HTTP_CLIENT_IP'))
return getenv('HTTP_CLIENT_IP');

return getenv('REMOTE_ADDR');

Code for if user changes ip during session throw off, needs to be added
Add to every page it's a global function
<<< ///////// Usersystem code ends. //////////////////
///////// Security Begins. //////////////////
public function CheckSession () {
if($_SESSION['logged-in'] !== true) {$this->Redirect('login.php');} else {
$_SESSION['currentIP'] = $this->GetIP();
if (isset($_SESSION['currentIP'])) {
if ($_SESSION['currentIP'] = $_SESSION['loginIP']) {} else {$this->Redirect('/badsession.php');}
///////// Security Ends. //////////////////

PHP "SANITIZE" and MYSQL_REAL_ESCAPE_STRING have to be implemeted for security in the code where needed.

Tokens for form submissions has to be added