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Subject:alpha channel
Summary:how do you get an alhpa channel?
Author: dad jones
Date:2006-08-18 05:06:41
Update:2006-08-18 10:33:27

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Picture of  dad jones dad jones - 2006-08-18 05:06:41

I want to thank you deeply for having written this class.

I would like to save the PNG with an alhpa channel and full transparency....normally this is referred to as a there an easy answer? or should I go study the gd documentation?

Again many thanks and my deepest respects.

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Picture of Muhammad Sohail Khan Muhammad Sohail Khan - 2006-08-18 10:33:27 - In reply to message 1 from dad jones
use this function to save alpha channel..

imagesavealpha($image, true);
ImageAlphaBlending($image, false);

For GD 2.0.1 or later...

Hope u will find it useful.


Muhammad Sohail khan