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The importance of Artificial Intelligence

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Subject:The importance of Artificial...
Summary:The importance of Artificial Intelligence for developpers
Date:2010-04-02 08:21:50
Update:2010-04-02 17:41:35


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Picture of freedelta freedelta - 2010-04-02 08:21:50
I would like to stress the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the developper's world.
It is everywhere: health, finances, marketing...

That's why I wrote this script that solves the multiplication table problem
with back propagation and also to show that PHP developpers know how to write code
besides "echo" and "foreach".

The most important thing about this script is the preprocessing of the data
and the parameters of the neural network for a given problem to find the solution.

If you do a search through the internet under Backpropagation Scale, all you find are tones
of papers full of maths with almost no code or approach to developpers.

Now this script can be found here in PHPClasses, and I thank M. Lemos
and The PHP Classes site for having nominated the script for
the PHP Programming Innovation Award of March of 2010.

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Picture of Moises Jafet Moises Jafet - 2010-04-02 17:41:35 - In reply to message 1 from freedelta
Thanks a lot for sharing!

It would be great to form some community of PHP coders interested in AI, Semantics, Ontologies and some other science-behind solutions to PHP coding' problems.

PHP, given its C roots, can play a major role in the next generation of smart Web applications if properly rooted with good science and engineering understanding beyond the 'echo and foreach' language construct.