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use of .wav creator

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Subject:use of .wav creator
Summary:produces noise
Author:Karl Hansen
Date:2014-11-01 19:36:54

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Picture of Karl Hansen Karl Hansen - 2014-11-01 19:36:54
Hello -- I believe this library is what I need for a particular solution I am implementing.

However, I am having quite a bit of trouble implementing your php class. It is very delicate, and will error if there are any comments in the code. I am not entirely sure this is due to the class itself.

I was able to get it running (the example file helped), but could not find parameters for the ->generate() function, which requires a second parameter that must be greater than or equal to zero.

I would like to work with you on implementing this class, and hope you will get in contact or direct me to resources that will explain how to use the class.