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Subject:Extending the Example
Summary:I added few lines to example for user friendly
Author:jp klomp
Date:2013-08-12 12:25:39

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Picture of jp klomp jp klomp - 2013-08-12 12:25:40
I am very happy with you class, just what I needed.
Just when trying out the example.php it was a bit messy so I change the example to make a list with line breaks.

[From line 63]

// to see the contains of the list of the extensions files found
foreach ($Dir->FileExtList as $g) {
echo " , ";
echo "<br/> List of files: <br/>";
// display all the file found during scanning
foreach ($Dir->TabFiles as $f) {
echo "<br/>".$f["filename"].chr(0xA);
// print_r($f);