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Subject:Help File
Summary:The importance of a help file.
Author:Said Bakr
Date:2005-12-05 18:35:14
Update:2009-12-18 12:03:18

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Picture of Said Bakr Said Bakr - 2005-12-05 18:35:14
I've just downloaded your package. I think it will help me. I have not used it yet. However, I suggest, the addition of a help file to tell about using it will be better. Little talk about its methods will make things more easy for its user.
Best Regards,
Said Bakr.

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Picture of olivier olivier - 2007-10-30 10:22:54 - In reply to message 1 from Said Bakr
I 've just download CSV Classes. It's seems to be a good work.
Netherless, I don't speak german. So could you please translate some parts in english ?
Best regards.


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Picture of ja naaaper ja naaaper - 2009-12-18 12:03:18 - In reply to message 2 from olivier
Good one,

Please keep it international and write it in English. Most of us aren't german.