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Name: John Luxford <contact>
Classes: 3
Country: Canada Canada
Age: ???
All time rank: 38016 in Canada Canada
Week rank: 360 Up7 in Canada Canada Up
All time users: 7204
Week users: 0
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  Files folder image CGI.php  
Inspired by Perl's CGI module, this set of classes aims to separate the namespaces of GET, POST, and Cookie variables, and to provide a few nice methods as well for doing things like transforming and parsing "search engine friendly" links.
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  Files folder image Database.php  
A DBI-like database abstraction layer with drivers for MySQL, InterBase, ODBC, PostgreSQL (incomplete), and Oracle (incomplete).
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All time: 53% 60% - - - - 32% 4209
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  Files folder image XSLT.php  
XSLT is a very minimalistic wrapper around PHP's Sablotron functions.
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